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2016-06-14 13:57:00 CEST

More Than Sports - A better vibe than football

Two professional football players stepped accidentally into smart Major Hamburg – and discovered their love for beach volleyball.

Tristan (left) and Finn found a new passion in Hamburg Credit: Ninja PriesterjahnTristan (left) and Finn found a new passion in Hamburg Credit: Ninja Priesterjahn

Finn couldn’t stop smiling. “That is crazy, I have never experienced such an atmosphere before,” he said, standing in the middle of the Tennis Stadium Rothenbaum in Hamburg with his friend Tristan.

Finn, 28, and Tristan, 23, are professional footballers. Two weeks ago they won the Hamburg Championship with their club TUS Dassendorf for the third time. Finn earns his bread and butter playing football. He even once played in the German second division. “I’ve played matches in front of 50,000 fans, but to be honest the vibe at this beach volleyball event is far better.” 

The two buddies have just watched the women’s gold medal match at the smart Major Hamburg. They were right in the middle of the 8,000 spectators on Center Court when Laura Ludwig und Kira Walkenhorst beat Agatha Bednarczuk und Barbara Seixas and the whole crowd went wild in celebration at the local heroes’ amazing victory.

The atmosphere when Kira blocked, fascinated the two football-buddies Credit: Jörg MitterThe atmosphere when Kira blocked, fascinated the two football-buddies Credit: Jörg Mitter

First Beach Volleyball match ever

“We sat directly with the German Ultras!” Finn said, laughing. Incidentally, the two footballers also sat directly behind the fan base and family of Laura. “We celebrated the whole time in the stand, it was so fun,” raved Finn. He loved the changes between loud music and the silence during the rally. “The best thing was when one blocked the other,” the two boys said.

Finn and Tristan had never seen a beach volleyball match before. When the crowd raised their arms and imitated the block move, they didn’t know what to do at first. “We needed three times to check that,” Finn laughed. When he heard about the money a professional beach volleyball player earns on average per month, he couldn’t believe it. “Football players in the sixth or seventh league get more, that’s crazy.”

Finn lives just opposite to the tennis stadium. “We heard the music and decided to take a look what’s going on,” he explained. After the match, he was stunned. “I didn’t know that beach volleyball is such a party,” he said. “I think most of the people don’t know – but I will tell them – and I will definitely come again,” he promised.

Poreč Major will be soon…