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2017-06-02 09:31:00 CEST

10 types of people you will meet at a beach volleyball event

Just smile and wave

People come in all shapes and sizes with amazing personalities to match (we like the crazy ones best), and, beach volleyball tournaments seem to be the melting pot for all of the different types of people to come together – but we’ve narrowed it down to 10. 

So here are the 10 types of people you’ll meet at a beach volleyball tournament…

1. The Wannabe

How do you spot a wannabe? Well just look for the tell-tale lines like: “that should be me out there”; and “you know I played beach volleyball and they wanted me to go pro but I was like ‘nah’.” 

Wannabes are not exactly bitter, but let’s just say, massive events really make them wish that they were out there on the Center Court with thousands of fans cheering them on.

2. The Coach

A high-school, college or club volleyball coach. How do you tell them apart from everyone? Well they would be focused intensely, possibly using very flamboyant hand gestures, complete with pointing and head-shaking. It will be someone completely absorbed in analyzing the game strategy; and, probably has his/her own ideas on how the rest of the game should be executed.

But it’s not all bad. Their passion can be felt just by being in their presence and even though they may appear angry or quite emotional at times, they are having the time of their lives. Nothing is as pleasurable for a coach as watching and observing pros in action.

3. The ‘I don’t know anything about beach volleyball’ person

These types are quite easy to identify. They’d probably see someone missing a save and say something along the lines of – “oh wow look, they scored a goal.” Or perhaps he/she may ask you “who’s winning?” one set in.

Don’t be mad at them guys, they are so innocent, like little children, and they have the nicest things to say like: “Oh, wow, they jump really high.”

Your job, as a true volleyball fan is to help them along, and hey, you never know, soon they will be as passionate about the game as you!

4. The ‘I’m waiting for my big break’ person

How to spot the I’m waiting for my big break person – well they are strategically hanging around side courts, diving and hoping someone might see them. They start a conversations like “Oh, hey. How are you? So are you like a scout or professional coach?” – to which you’ll answer “No” and they’d promptly respond by walking away because this is not just a tournament for them, it’s a well-thought-out and calculated career move. Our message to them, is: keep at it.

5. The Party Animal

If you’ve been to any Swatch Major Series event, you’d know that the vibe is excellent, the music is on point and the party is sensational. People gather to watch an awesome display of athleticism but also to let their hair down and take it easy. Some people don’t know about the actual sport that’s going on at all (see point 3), but some people just “came for the party, dude”. 

6.The Show-off 

This guy’s been working out and takes the whole: ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ and ‘never skip leg day’ as more than just fitness quotes but rather as life mantras, i.e. very seriously. When they’re not posting #TransformationTuesday pics on Insta or sharing their latest work-out routines (or protein-filled-snacks), they’re taking their shirts off the minute the sun’s out. They frequent summer events where they can subject the world to their ripped torsos. This is the ‘minute I get outside take my shirt off guy’ and you’ll be able to spot him sans shirt at beach volleyball events from a mile off.

7. The Super Fan!

This person loves beach volleyball (obvs) and chances are, they have their favorite players too – they are well-acquainted with all the top-dogs as well as the up-and-comers. They know rankings, the results of the last few events, the shape players are in, who has switched teams and who has joined forces (most likely before anyone else knows about it). 

The Super Fan follows everything beach volleyball – if you want the inside scoop, the history and everything else in between – these are the guys that you need to speak to.

8.The ‘Beach volleyball is really a hobby for me’ people

These are our faves. The hobby beach volleyball players. They can be seen playing for fun at beaches, often with family and kids. They have never played professionally nor as a sport in a team; they’ve picked up the rules from you know, watching other hobby players play. How do you pick these out from the crowd? Well, often they’d be genuinely wondering why the pros don’t just touch the net or why pros stop at three sets, when they always play best of five. 

9. The Groupie 

He or she could also be called the ‘I travel the world just attending beach volleyball events’ person. They are living the dream. Travelling the world attending beach volleyball events. You can often find them sporting t-shirts or merch’ from the most recent tournament, or complaining about how tired they are as they were just in Rio so the jet-lag is really affecting them.

10. The Spouse 

Last but not least, we had to mention the spouses and partners of our very own beach volleyball players. They don’t often have the time to be on the road with their sandy partners but when they do, its super special. They are sitting in the front rows looking upon their significant others with eyes that can only be described as pure pride. 

There you have it, our comprehensive list of types of people you find at our beach volleyball events. Look out for them at the upcoming #PorecMajor and #GstaadMajor. Better yet, try and figure out which type you are!

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