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Official House Rules


1. Objects that can be thrown or shot at the court or stands are prohibited. Objects that can affect the safety or order of the event (e.g. banners, pyrotechnics, sticks, umbrellas, glass bottles, poles, cans, bikes, scooters, rollerblades, buggies and weapons of any kind) are prohibited. 

Beverages are only permitted on stands when opened (max. 0,5l) – screw-caps will be removed.

Walking sticks and other walking aids are only permitted for persons using them as essential support.

Only permitted persons are allowed to use disabled spaces.

Self-brought alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

The organiser is permitted to fully search through self-brought vessels and clothing items and, if necessary, take objects. Every noncompliance will be punished by access and return prohibition.


2. Children under twelve years are only permitted to access the event site in company of an adult.


3. All self-brought animals are prohibited on the event site without exception.


4. Any advertising measures are only permitted with the organiser’s approval. The distribution of flyers and papers and the sale of goods by non-approved persons is prohibited.


5. Standing on benches, climbing stand-poles and entering the center court pitch is strictly prohibited. 


6. All instruction from supervision officials and securities is to be followed. Any violation that will interfere with the event’s operation is punishable by law. 


7. Every person in the event area acknowledges that the organiser is not liable for any form of damage that occurs in connection with the event, as long as it happens in compliance with administrative regulations and the law.

Additionally, the organiser shall not be held liable for self-brought (especially electronical) items, the visitor has to ensure the item’s proper custody (especially spray water protection).


8. Photographing, filming, video –and sound recordings are only allowed for private usage. Through accessing the event area, the visitor agrees that photographs, videos and sound recordings of the spectators will be produced, copied and broadcasted by the organiser and media. The picture and sound rights lie with the organiser, the federation and the host broadcaster.


9. The organiser is permitted to gather personal data from persons that are put in custody by security organs or break event or house rules.


10. Visitors must follow the organiser’s instructions. Any violation of the house rules can be punished by being expelled from the event site or civil law.

The house rules are based on domiciliary rights, private and public laws. Additionally, other regulations will be executed. The house rules’ scope includes the whole event area and the side courts.


Only persons who gained access through official entrances or are in possession of a valid accreditation are allowed in the event area.